Mariano Jerónimo Vilallonga, 1990.

Animals have not ceased to be present in art and aesthetics throughout the centuries; from the avant-garde of the early twentieth century until today, their representation acquires a symbolic charge that projects contemporary meanings of animality, crossed by very different languages, positions and aesthetics.

The work of M.J. Vilallonga gathers a spontaneously critical vision of the real world. From that other reality, he resorts to the hybridization of animal species as a way to fabulate a certain evolution (subversion) of the natural order, giving rise to a wide creative speculation and an intense graphic production.

Through play and fantasy, M.J.V. creates and recreates figures from his passion for the animal world and an attentive observation of the environment. The catalog of favorite creatures (frogs, giraffes, marine species…) metamorphose their bodies to become other beings, adapting to a Nature severely transformed by man; they even copy their attitudes, acting and posing like humans.

This is a very personal proposal, timeless in its plastic expression and apparently free of mainstream influences. His work connects, however, with a certain environmental pessimism, which the artist recognizes and manifests from the sense of humor and tenderness that radiates from his work.

With dexterity, he elaborates unlikely characters in an exercise of artistic, not biological, formal synthesis; new natures that only exist in his imagination, a repertoire of species that imagine a contemporary world in transformation.

The hybridization is evident in the subject matter, but also in the formats: a wide repertoire of drawings, sculptural drawings, reliefs, sculptures, huge sculptures, drawn sculptures…, unfold a narrative in the room, surreal, that appeals to our first memory while generating a certain strangeness.

Asun Rodríguez Montejano


“It flies, flies, flies and flies without stopping. When he wants to realize he is so high that the course of the river is blurred. The territory he was walking through is now a wrinkled texture of colors. Izmarian’s flight is so powerful that not even the probusteros are able to reach such an altitude, from which life is easier” MJV


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